Are See and Learn apps still available for Android and Windows devices?

Our See and Learn apps are currently available for Apple iPads (but not iPhones) with iPad OS version 15.8 or later.

We have withdrawn Android and Windows editions of our See and Learn apps as we focus on updated See and Learn apps under development for multiple platforms aimed for release in early 2025.

Use of the Android and Windows editions of the existing See and Learn apps has been low when compared the number of people using the Apple iPad editions. As a result, we have decided not to continue to maintain them and to withdraw them from sale, so that we can focus more energy on developing updated See and Learn apps. The updated See and Learn apps will include significant new features and we want to be able to progress them as quickly as possible.

Existing Android and Windows users will continue to be able to use the apps and to reinstall them from the app store where they were originally purchased.

The updated See and Learn apps will include record keeping and personalized guidance – linked to the advice and progress tracking systems we are building. We are also working on including further steps in the Sentences and Numbers pathways.

Our current plan for the updated See and Learn apps is to support Apple iPads, Android tablets, macOS laptops and desktops, and Windows tablets, laptops and desktops.

Current See and Learn apps for iPads are available from the Apple App Store.