Is there training for this intervention? Do you offer an 'introduction' to the materials and the programme for schools that are interested in finding out more?

I am a Specialist Teacher supporting school support for children with cognition and learning difficulties. The children we are seeing in schools are increasingly presenting with complex learning needs. One of our roles is to advise and recommend resources. Do you offer an introduction to the materials and the programme, in the way a Rep for a company may do? I cannot see anything on your site that suggests this is an option, but if it were it would enable us to recommend this programme with an increased level of knowledge about it, how it works, and its impact. The children that we might recommend this for would not necessarily have a diagnosis of Downs Syndrome, but they would have significant difficulty learning to read and spell through the usual phonics teaching route in mainstream schools.
I look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

Thank-you for your message Jane. There is an overview of RLI on this page What is RLI? ( If you scroll down the page there is a video explaining the programme in more detail. We understand your observation that many children with cognition, learning difficulties and often language delay struggle with phonics but may have strengths as sight word learners. RLI includes both but always at the pace an individual child can manage so they can continue with sight word learning while they learn about letter sounds correspondences and how letters work in words. RLI also includes a language teaching strand as reading progress is linked to language progress. If you decide to proceed with RLI in your school the RLI Online subscription site includes the option to purchase online RLI training. If you have further questions please do come back to us and we can arrange a call.

Thank you for your reply, Sue.
I dont work in a school, but as part of a team of Specialist Teachers in Lincolnshire. I am also part if the Dyslexia Outreach Team. These Teams work with schools providing advice on support for children with cognition and learning needs, generally after an assessment of these needshas taken place by ourselves. We are always looking for evidence based interventions that we can recommend to schools, and it is helpful for us to know as much as we can about these interventions before we recommend them, so when we are able to talk with and ask questions to a representative from the company or person who has designed and developed the intervention it can help us when .aking recommendations, as we have a better knoedge and undestanding of the programme. Thenk you for pointing me in the direction of the video, I will take a look at that, and if I have further questions I will be in touch.